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Urban Review-St. Louis

Steve Patterson bills his Urban Review-St. Louis as "an urbanist's critique on the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis region." Yeah, everybody's a critic, but Patterson's got cred. He was a design-build designer who became a city real estate agent; he knows the built environment, he knows the neighborhoods. While the rest of us bitch about what developers and regulatory boards do, he actually attends the meetings, contributes his thoughts and opinions. And he always puts his mouth and money together: He ran for alderman of the 25th Ward, and he's a passionate cyclist (use the blog's search engine to piece together The Bike Rack Rants) who became a certified bike-safety instructor. Patterson goes everywhere, investigates everything and imparts important information clearly. He's a pragmatic optimist pushing for St. Louis even when it pushes itself into the ground. We care more when we know more, and Urban Review-St. Louis has our back.
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