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STL Lost Pets "Angels"

The STL Lost Pets Angels are not an organized group. They have no leader, no scheduled meetings, no mission statement — only a moniker ascribed to them by the few people who know what they do for St. Louis. They are "angels" because they tirelessly match missing-pet reports from Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and anywhere else frantic pet owners post with the found-pet reports sent out by the official guardians of the animals of St. Louis: the Humane Society, Animal Protective Association and St. Louis County Animal Care and Control. Matching lost and found pet reports is an endless, thankless, repetitive job, but it's one that a handful of locals have enthusiastically claimed as their own. No one else has the time to sift through the reports that flood in daily from an unapologetically dog-loving city. So to the indefatigable guardian angels looking after the lost dogs and cats of St. Louis, thank you. You make St. Louis a happier, safer place for creatures big and small.

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