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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate recently moved its headquarters from busy Chippewa Street to the idyllic north side of the Hill neighborhood. Located just down the block from Pop's Blue Moon, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate now boasts a large retail shop and a factory that offers free tours to visitors, and it leans green, complete with solar panels on the roof. High-quality chocolate can only come from high-quality ingredients, and so the company has recently switched to using 100 percent fair-trade certified cocoa and sugar. Aside from the headquarters and multiple retail locations, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate delicacies are offered at Dierbergs and specialty stores across the country. Taste your way through the amazing variety of truffles, lose yourself in the delectable sea-salt caramels and pick up a gift for a friend with local flavor — like a chocolate mold of the Gateway Arch or some adorable solid-chocolate toasted raviolis.

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