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Bissinger's: A Chocolate Experience

There are no accidents at Bissinger's, only calculated choco-crimes. On a recent evening, a friend had the nerve to suggest otherwise: "I accidentally ate your half of that truffle." Our hostility over the pilfered confection (a dark-chocolate Champagne truffle, to be precise) was mitigated, somewhat, by the fact that we were sitting at a table absolutely covered with decadent desserts. With the introduction of Bissinger's: A Chocolate Experience, the company has morphed its knack for creating world-class chocolate into a sensual, social dining adventure. The menu includes such delights as milk chocolate semifreddo (crme chantilly whipped into a cloud-like texture and topped with toffee crumbles), chocolate tiramisu and a chocolate terrine served with fresh fruit. The thoughtful wine and liqueur menu includes everything from a knock-your-socks-off Limerick Lane zinfandel to sambuca served in a dainty chocolate cup. The space is elegant, the service is impeccable and the special touches — like decaf coffee served in a French press — are legion.
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