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The Aztecs were no fools. They knew a good thing when they harvested it, and cacao was their top crop. They'd offer spicy, drinkable chocolate to monarchs and deities as their most sacred gift, winning over kings and Cuaxolotl alike. Is it any wonder, then, that the Chocolate Cafe & Coffee House in O'Fallon—a.k.a. the Lake Texcoco of the Midwest—has won over the discerning denizens of Missouri? There's a hearty selection of chocolate foodstuffs, from Chocolate Ganache Cake to Kocoa ButterKup Candy Apple to White Chocolate Raspberry Dream. But it's the liquid chocolate offerings that ignite our fire—the Chocolada Chocktail (espresso, cream, rum, chocolate and coconut), the Chocolate Fondue and the velvety Mayan Aztec Hot Cocoa. In fact, we feel so connected to the Mexica, we're considering sacrificing our firstborn.
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