Best Chinese Restaurant

Corner 17

"Hey, You! Don't stare at us. We Are authentic," says one of many puzzling photos of food adorning the windows at Corner 17. But we won't argue — the scores of Washington University international students who pack the seats each day are proof enough that maybe this spot would fit in just fine in Hong Kong rather than smack dab in the center of the United States. But we're glad it's here. The restaurant opened on Delmar last year to much fanfare, mostly thanks to its fresh, hand-pulled noodles and wide selection of Taiwanese bubble tea. The rest of the menu here is absolutely massive. Even the unadventurous eater can find solace in familiar Chinese American standards like General Tso's chicken while the more adventurous can sample a long list of fine combination plates. Corner 17 even works as a great dessert spot after dinner — its flavored fluffy ice is somewhere between shaved ice and ice cream, and a tall class of sugary milk tea is perfect for sharing — an easy way to impress a date with your worldly ways.

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