Best Chinese Restaurant

In Soo

In Soo creates the Chinese food that all others in this category should aspire to offer. Don't let the modest digs fool you; this is no ordinary St. Louis strip-mall Chinese. Devotees, of course, have followed the peregrinations of proprietor In Soo Jung as she trundled her Shu Feng operation from Olivette to Chesterfield and back -- hiatuses, name changes and all. They know that everything on the menu -- seriously, everything -- is so far beyond gratifying that it is, in fact, magically healing. Now, if you're not already an acolyte, it's time for you to get in on the secret: The gingery hot-and-sour soup cures colds, the ethereal potstickers and the peppery kung pao chicken mend hangovers, the tangy crispy eggplant can bring even an eggplant-hater to the table. The overall dining experience relieves daily stresses and banishes bad moods -- heck, regular visits can probably heal a broken heart.
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