Best Chicken Wings

Phuc Loi Vietnamese Food To Go

When Nelson Padilla left Mi Linh last fall under less than favorable circumstances, he took his famous butter-garlic chicken wings with him. Try as they might, the new chefs at Mi Linh were never able to replicate his recipe while Padilla worked in various restaurants, trying to find a place that was the right fit. Meanwhile, St. Louis diners faced the prospect that his poultry treasure was lost forever. It's been a long eight months in culinary purgatory, but Padilla and his chicken wings have found a new home at Phuc Loi. There, Padilla cooks up his signature wings just like before: buttery, crispy, juicy, peppery, loaded with garlic and topped with green onions. In this case, absence didn't make the heart grow fonder — we were awfully fond of them from the very start.

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