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Geo's Wings and More

It doesn't matter how masterful a wing sauce is if it's covering a hunk of pimply chicken skin that's been breaded to within an inch of its life. Who eats those slimy things? Breading them dilutes the flavor and steams 'em in their own flesh. Geo's Wings and More serves up meaty, unbreaded wings, fried crisp — a perfect canvas for the Belleville eatery's palette of more than 50 housemade sauces. That's no typo. When we say more than 50, we mean more than 50. You've got your traditional Buffalo sauces at all heat levels, smoky barbecues, creamy Parmesan-based bastes to soothe the scorched tongue and zesty horseradish-spiked creations, including one with cranberry sauce. Kids can order their wings coated with peanut butter and served with a side of grape jelly for dipping. Sure, it sounds weird, but so did Thai peanut sauce fifteen years ago. Geo's even has something for the wing-phobic: Trash Wings. These are fried, dipped in traditional wing sauce, fried again and sauced again for the crispest wing with the richest concentration of traditional Buffalo flavor — and not a hint of a feather-hole to be found.

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