Best Chicken Wings

Pujols 5 Westport Grill

Wing aficionados used to split into three camps: those who preferred the middle joint (what most diners consider "the wing"), those who loved the "drumette" and those who didn't care as long as there was blue-cheese dressing and celery on the side. Although armed conflict among the three groups was rare, they made no effort to understand one another. But then they happened to visit Pujols 5 one evening and took a chance on the jerked chicken wings. They were shocked to see that these came not in a basket, but on a plate, the drumette and wing — and even the wing tip — still joined together in one plump whole. There was no blue-cheese dressing on the side, but an addictive spicy and sweet jalapeño-pineapple chutney. They were so amazed by these wings that they didn't even consider splitting them into pieces and perpetuating their ideological divide. Instead, they cleaned the plate and then ordered another. Next stop: the Middle East.
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