Best Cheese Flip

St. Louis Hills Donut Shop

Technically, something is the "best" when it proves itself superior to its peers. Such is the case with most of the items in the issue you now hold in your hands. But should an item be excluded from this Best of St. Louis because it is unique? Some things are unique because they are undeserving of imitation (like Provel cheese). But others are uniquely great. Such is the case with the cheese flip. A delicious hybrid of the Danish and doughnut family, the cheese flip looks like a long john folded in half around a layer of sweet cheese. It was invented over the course of many years at the St. Louis Hills Donut Shop, which remains the only place in the city, and possibly the world, where you can buy one. (An exhaustive Internet search turned up only one other mention of a cheese flip, in Portland, Oregon.) Yes, the St. Louis Hills Donut Shop sells the best cheese flip by default. But that does not make it any less worthy of inclusion here.

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