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Manzo Sausage Kitchen and Market

Referring to Swiss cheese as Emmentaler is a transparent way to hint that you're down with the highbrow without actually having to know anything interesting. It's much better to, say, swap mizithra, a Greek cheese made from sheep's milk, for ricotta in a recipe and drop that tidbit on guests who ask, "What's in that?" Pick up a hunk of mizithra and some actual knowledge when you explore Southampton's beloved Manzo Sausage Kitchen & Market, a small but charming shotgun of a shop known for its homemade sausage, pasta and spreads. Here, handwritten notes identify cheeses' countries of origin, along with serving suggestions and wine parings. That it isn't the largest selection in town makes it approachable, and the cheese is portioned in everything from big ol' hunks to $2 wedges. Customers swear by the feta — choose among Bulgarian, domestic and imported Greek — which ranges in price from $4.49 to $5.99 per pound. (It'll go well with the dozen-odd varieties of olives there, not to mention the slices of gyro meat.) Trust: You won't go back to those overpriced plastic tubs of grocery-store cheese crumbles or name-brand grated Parmesan. Manzo's is well worth the extra stop.

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