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In belt-tightening times, fine cheese might not be at the top of the average shopper's list, but for those of us who don't have room in the fridge for Kraft singles, great cheese is an affordable luxury. And when we shop for cheese, we want the assistance of a staff that knows the way around its own cheese counter. So off we hie to the Wine & Cheese Place, where we start off by forgetting the name of one of the cheeses we're looking to buy. It's a Swiss cheese (without holes), and you make some fondue-like deal with it. Raclette? Bingo! Everyone knows Parmigiano-Reggiano, but that illustrious name comes with a high-flying price. That's why if you ask, you might just learn that an Argentinean version of Parmesan tastes great and costs less. But the Wine & Cheese Place's cheese-friendliness really comes into its own when you don't know what you want. Four simple words: "What do you recommend?"

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