Best Cheerleader

Bill Streeter

Even if you've never met Bill Streeter, you've likely seen him around town. With video camera and spotlight in tow, Streeter spends his nights filming concerts, events and people for his vlog-cum-Web site, Music is Streeter's specialty, and no artist in town is safe from his keen eye: bluesy boogie men (Casey Reid, Johnny O & the Jerks), gritty garage rockers (Gentleman Callers, the Vultures), out-of-town hep cats (Boss Martians, M.O.T.O.). That said, non-musicians (artist Tom Huck, graphic designer Art Chantry) and events (Rock & Roll Boxing) are also immortalized in vlog form. Few St. Louisans are as enthusiastic about the local arts scene as Streeter is, and fewer still selflessly devote so much time to championing the artists and innovators who make this city vibrant.
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