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Only a fool would underestimate the power of social media in 2015. With a few taps on the keyboard or mobile device, we can engineer major cultural shifts, hold politicians accountable for their words and directly ask a rock star why he cries every time he dedicates a song to Aunt Sherry. But in addition to being incredibly powerful, social media — and Twitter in particular — also indulges our basic need for free shit. If you're a tweetmaster, you can snag tickets to coveted, expensive shows at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis (@OTSL), the Fox Theatre (@FoxTheatreSTL), the St. Louis Symphony (@SLSO) and more. Seriously, these places are giving away dozens of free seats for certain shows; to grab them, all you've got to do is pay attention when the entertainment giants tweet out the call. You don't need to boast 5,000 followers to be chosen, either. We've seen them take the first twenty people to respond, or ask for some brief biographical info. It's all very friendly and informal. If you're chosen, the luxury is gratis as long as you use a special hashtag while livetweeting the proceedings — everything from the crazy costumes to your favorite musical numbers to the way an actor recovers after tripping over a prop. For one night, you could be Twitter's eyes and ears of a performance — a rush of power that will invigorate even the most mild­-mannered arts lover.
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