Best Cheap Thrill

Wrestling at South Broadway Athletic Club

It's a rite of passage for any south-city dweller to partake in the monthly hot mess that is South Broadway Athletic Club's wrasslin'. For a measly $8 ($7 in advance, $4 for a child), you get the opportunity to take in the "stars of the MMWA-SICW" (wha?) and watch them bark, cuss and hiss at each other as equally impassioned fans scream along ringside. Not to discredit the level of talent and ability these, ahem, "athletes" bring to the table, but watching the rabid fans at these events can be just as enjoyable as the bouts themselves. It's one of those events where you can look around the room and find yourself having a difficult time distinguishing between ironic hipsters and regular ol' south-city hoosiers in search of some Saturday-night kicks. They both have suspicious facial hair, they're both sucking down the cheapest suds the VFW-style bar has to offer, and neither has much use for sleeves.

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