Best Cheap Thrill

Missouri Lottery

This year's cheap thrill was to go to the Discovery Bridge at Highway 370 and the Missouri River, where an optical illusion has prompted at least five people to think they could jump the twelve- to twenty-foot span separating the eastbound and westbound lanes. None has been successful. At least three have died. Always the spoilsport, the Missouri Department of Transportation recently installed lights under the bridge that will, presumably, stop daredevils from thinking they can make the leap. What then is the cheap-thrill seeker to do? How about cast aside the death wish and start investing in your future? At a just a dollar a pop, few thrills come cheaper than the Missouri Lottery. Over the years scads of poor saps have catapulted from the food-stamp class to the country-club set thanks to the lottery. On your way to Luckytown, you might want to fill "er up at the QuikTrip at 8205 Gravois Road. On three separate occasions, this gas station/convenience mart has sold a winning Missouri Lotto jackpot ticket -- most recently in April, when a local couple walked away with $1.3 million.
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