Best Cheap Date

Beer and previews at the Ronnies 20 Ciné

As major-studio movies have stripped away more and more of those pesky plots and character-development portions of motion pictures, it becomes possible to consider them as nothing more than long highlight reels. Once you've made that leap, you can decide to forgo watching a flick from beginning to end and just catch previews. Until now, though, the problem has been finding a place that will show them to you. The Ronnies 20 Ciné has all the full-length blockbusters and stadium seating to boot. But if you just want to bring your squeeze inside the door, you'll see a fake drive-in setup, including a big projection screen, with tables situated inside '50s-model cars that have been cut away for more seating. Go to the concession stand, where you can order a pitcher of beer (they have Amber Bock) for $7, and watch the mixture of old-time previews and the occasional Three Stooges short for free.
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