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Big Lots

Searching through Big Lots for bargains is fun. You might come away with anything from a camping lantern to an end table to a bag of green-plastic army men, and you know it's all going to be nice and cheap. Each week, another shipment of shelf-filler rolls in, and it's time to go a-hunting through the gewgaws, tools, toys, food, school supplies, sports equipment and greeting cards. When you find that box of Cocoa Puffs marked down to $1 and see the expiration date is still a ways off, you know you've hit pay dirt. There's quite a selection of plastic plants and holiday decorations -- it's enough to transform any living room into a low-budget hell of candles, vinyl window stickers and cheesy statuettes. And Big Lots is one of precious few places in town that stocks Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, a fine candy more common in the Eastern half of the country.
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