Best Celebrity Visit

Tippi Hedren

There's never been a shadow of a doubt that St. Louisans are simultaneously in awe of and comfortable around movie stars. We're notorious for getting celebrity visits here in St. Louis -- hell, we have stars on the sidewalk -- but Tippi Hedren's appearance, in terms of both physical beauty and the event itself, was dazzling. She may not have caused a frenzy, but seeing her at Blueberry Hill was a weird treat. Of course, it would be neater to meet her one-on-one on a plane, and even stranger on a train, but the blond actress was so radiant that you looked around expecting Alfred Hitchcock to make a cameo. It matters not that Hedren's daughter Melanie Griffith has done more films, because most haven't been as good as Mom's worst. Besides, Hedren won't let her family plot out her career. A classic Hitchcock babe, Hedren brought her demure elegance to Blueberry Hill thanks to Joe Edwards, the man who knew too much to invite someone who'd flop. The front window (as opposed to the rear window) of Blueberry Hill is famous for presenting conceptual displays, which are not as ephemeral as the lovely Ms. Hedren. Sadly, one minute she's here -- then the lady vanishes.

-- Jordan Oakes

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