Best CD Store (Used)

Euclid Records

Euclid Records has had a busy year. The record store opened a second outpost in New Orleans, released the debut CD from Troubadour Dali on its newly formed record label and continued with its Euclid Sessions series of limited-edition 45s. What's lost in the hubbub? Its selection of used CDs continues to be the best in the city. Although the store's "this just in" bin has always overflowed with classics old and new — we're talking both indie favorites and KSHE staples — the store's entire selection has become a buyer's market. The number of people going digital and dumping their CD collections (or deciding to opt for MP3s over CDs for future purchases) has been a boon for stock. Albums that used to be rare are now easy to find — and as an added bonus, they cost even less than what you'd pay to download 'em.

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