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CD Reunion

Among music hounds, this much is true: A record store is only as good as its dusty bargain shelves. The cardboard boxes crammed into every conceivable empty space at CD Reunion are a treasure hunter's dream. The store's beyond-cheap selection of CDs, label promos and cassettes(!) aren't picked over — and because organization is often haphazard, the odds of discovering a buried gem remain good. CD Reunion's rows upon rows of vinyl are equally undisturbed — which means that as long as one comes equipped with enough patience to dig through the musty stacks, a golden-ticket LP is bound to turn up. And although the store stocks generous amounts of classic rock and KSHE staples, it doesn't discriminate against genres, meaning that the selection of metal, modern rock and imports (check the Radiohead section and thank us later) is topnotch. Those in search of bands that time forgot (well, at least until YouTube was invented) most likely will find their needle in a haystack at CD Reunion.

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