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Slackers CD's & Games

It's easy to identify the hallmarks of an excellent used CD store: low prices, quality product and diversity of selection. St. Louis has no shortage of unwanted-disc graveyards, but the various outposts of Slackers CD's & Games hit all three prerequisites, and hard. This small chain's bread-and-butter is video games and DVDs, but the music section is by no means neglected. Box sets, limited-edition vinyl and rare CDs can generally be found atop no-frills racks of gently worn discs. Slackers' back catalog of punk, metal, emo and indie releases often comprises an artist's entire body of work and is reasonably priced—whether you're into AFI's pre-MTV oeuvre or the entire Bright Eyes discography. Out-of-print gems and hard-to-find rarities (a cache of Radiohead singles, anyone?) are never in short supply. Ten locations are scattered throughout Missouri and Illinois, and there's sure to be something for everyone—even if you don't feel like leaving the county to find it.
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