Best CD Store (Used)

Vintage Vinyl

Year in, year out, same thing. Vintage Vinyl on Delmar rules this category. And with good reason -- the store may not have as many used CDs as other stores, but what they have counts. The staff won't take just anything, and while that may suck when you're trying to get beer money out of your Kenny Rogers CDs, it pays off when you have a Saturday afternoon to spend sifting through the racks. Much of your work has already been done for you. You're not going to find multiple copies of mid-'90s Sonic Youth or the Beatles BBC sessions that everybody bought, got tired of and sold back. What you do find will be worth your time. But you'd better get it when you see it. Chances are, if you let it sit till tomorrow, it'll be gone. If you have the time, flip through the $4.99 rack near the front for unexpected treasures.
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