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Sure, in other cities, record stores are a dying breed. But here in St. Louis, our havens for vinyl, CDs and even — we're dating ourselves, here — cassette tapes are multiplying faster than a mogwai in a bathtub. In a crowded field of sonic quality, Music Record Shop stands out as a true groove thang. Or Grove thang, even. The store recently packed up its little online distribution shop in Kirkwood to set up camp in the Grove between music venues the Demo and the Ready Room, and we can't imagine a more harmonious fit. Owner Mark Carter specializes in brand-new vinyl and collectable reissues from the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, David Bowie and Faith No More, but Carter also keeps an eye on the show calendar and stays open late to host meet-and-greets or hawk albums of bands finishing up sets in the neighboring venues. Carter also tosses in plenty of locally produced wax, making Music Record Shop music to our ears.

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