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Apop Records

Record collecting can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. For every well-preserved circle of vinyl awesomeness, you'll likely sift through hundreds of copies of dog-eared Chicago LPs. (How many albums did those guys put out, anyway?) Thankfully, Apop Records has come to the rescue. Open since 2007, Tiffany Minx and Dustin Newman's ode to esoteric media has quickly become St. Louis' go-to shop for obscure records and CDs that most shops wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Experimental, electronic, noise rock, punk rock, new genres yet to be named: Apop's got them all. And even if it doesn't, the folks at the shop can either place an order for you or produce it themselves. (That's right: Apop is also a record label and mail-order company.) Add in the vintage pinball machines set up for free play and the world's friendliest store cat, and it's clear that Apop is St. Louis' last comfortable record-store hangout.

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