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Euclid Records

Back in the day, the quality of a college town's record store determined whether the burg made the grade or failed Hip Amenities 101. But although brick-and-mortar establishments are going the way of the Walkman (and Discman), Euclid Records is a throwback to a simpler time, when knowledgeable clerks and tangible album artwork mattered. A bright, homey store tucked near Webster University, Euclid doesn't discriminate when it comes to the music it carries. The stuffed-to-the-gills used CD bins brim with punk obscurities, indie faves, jazz legends and soul men (and women), while new-release racks contain nearly everything fresh that's worth a spin. The first-rate vinyl selection ranges from cheap and common to expensive and rare, but it's the little touches—a free poster box, listening stations or longtime St. Louis retail staple Steve Pick behind the register—that make Euclid the best place in St. Louis to find your groove.
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