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DJ Trackstar

DJ Trackstar's mixtapes are actually CDs, and he sells them for a buck a pop at a few area merchants. His mixes feature a combination of local and national artists rapping over hit tracks. The whole thing is illegal, actually. Major record labels, however, turn a blind eye to the lawlessness because of a hit tape's ability to build street cred for budding rappers (50 Cent was signed on the basis of a hot mixtape). Vol. 4 features 50 (!) local rappers (the best being Finsta, Vandalyzm, Tucker Booth and Nite Owl) chiming in for about a minute a piece. Combined, the rhymes cascade as styles clash and flow for the duration. Haters and rockers who say that all rappers sound the same need only listen to this beast to be proven wrong. Despite a few fumbles and a little too much bitch-speak, the collection demonstrates (yet again) the profound depth and breadth of the St. Louis rap scene.
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