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Balkan Treat Box

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Seeing as how Balkan Treat Box has already been lauded by just about every outlet conceivable since its humble beginnings in a food truck — in addition to the high marks it’s gotten from this publication, it’s been name-checked by Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, the Food Network, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sauce, Feast and probably more we’re missing — it only makes sense that, in this new age of increased carry-out orders, it should get props as a takeout restaurant as well. The Bosnian cuisine pumped out of its famous wood-fired oven by the husband-and-wife team of Loryn and Edo Nalic remains as delicious as it ever was — good lord, that pide — and its pandemic approach to contactless curbside dining is well thought out to match. The process is simple: First head to the restaurant’s website ( and place an order. You will be given a time to pick up your food (if you need a specific time, you can let them know during the ordering process) and when you arrive, your food will be waiting for you on a folding table in front of the restaurant, with your name prominently displayed in big block letters. And that’s it! Grab your goods and be on your way — no need to interact with a single human being during this time when doing so is a fraught concept. Just make sure, when this COVID-19 nonsense is all over, that you do poke your head in and give thanks to the staff for the incredible food and thoughtful pandemic protocols — lord knows they deserve it. — Daniel Hill

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