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River City Casino

Many casinos are depressing, exhausting places; after all, watching patrons shuffle along, tired and weary from a combination of money loss and navigating a sprawling labyrinth of sin, is fascinating for only so long. But River City Casino is a happy joint — and a great one in which to misplace some money — mostly because it is so gambler-friendly. Like most casinos, River City offers bars, an entertainment lounge, a steak house, a café and a high-limit area, but unlike its casino brethren, it's also easily accessible and seems designed expressly for patrons' needs. The tables are loud and hoppin', and the slot machines are organized in a way that actually makes sense. The parking lots are generous and well lit, and you can get from outside into the gambling area in just twenty feet instead of going through the funhouse-like maze of shops and annoyances that other casinos have. It's the perfect place for both the serious gambler and for people who wish to just pop in and be relieved of their disposable income with efficiency.

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