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River City Casino

River City Casino doesn't break with casino tradition. Day or night, you have no stinkin' idea what time it is, what the weather outside is like, whether such a place as "outside" exists at all. Still, within this timeless space you can't help but feel less trapped than at other gaming palaces. The ceilings seem a mile above your head, and the inevitable cigarette smoke of your fellow gamblers drifts far above you — if not unavoidable, then at least marginally ignorable. The 2,000-plus slot machines sprawl across the massive main area, so even in a crowd you never feel crowded, and the high-limit and poker rooms are oases of serious play (the latter smoke-free). Add to that excellent restaurants, including the fun, vaguely Germanic Beerhouse and the 1904 Steak House, as well as the obligatory buffet and a cheap, Five Guys-esque burger shack, and you have a casino experience that, though located along the Mississippi River, isn't submarine.

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