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The Argosy

The Argosy Casino's decorating scheme is a mystery. There are planks. There's a suspended dinghy. There are barrels (both wooden and metal). Is it pirate-ship nouveau? Classic warehouse? Or pure pop-industrial kitsch (the vibe is kinda like gambling in the climax of Who Framed Roger Rabbit)? Even if there's not an authentic "Arrrrrrrg!" in "Argosy," St. Louis' first casino is the best, what with shuttle service to the parking lots and three levels to meet your gaming needs: slots on the first; roulette, blackjack, poker and craps on the second; and penny slots plus an outdoor deck offering a jackpot view of the Clark Bridge on the third. Hungry? Nibble snacks from La Cantina, gorge yourself at the Captain's Table Buffet, drink your dinner at the Key West Bar or dine finely at Outfitters Grill. Don't want to miss the big game? Plasma flat screens to the rescue. Scheme schmeme. This place has character.
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