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Remember when you first walked into a casino? Weaned on images of Robert De Niro playing high stakes games in bespoke suits, you were crushed to discover that in reality today's casinos are populated by blue-hairs who alternate breaths between an oxygen tank and a Misty cigarette as they deposit their pensions, one credit at a time, into video slot machines. But take heart, gamblers and Scorsese devotees. The suits at Harrah's are trying to make the pastime sexy again. Exhibit A: the i-Bar. With its illuminated amber counter and massive stock of booze, this oval island bar nestled within the casino bids to lure young gamers away from their on-line Texas Hold 'Em tourneys and back to the mother ship. The strategy seems to be working: On any given night, the i-Bar boasts a respectable throng of fresh young things sipping sidecars as they sidle up to the card tables. Friendly as it is, the i-Bar won't up your chances of winning. But scoring? The odds are decidedly in your favor.
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