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Everyone loves an underdog. That's why we love the President Casino on the Admiral. Yes, it may be an unlucky game of baccarat away from bankruptcy. Yes, its restrooms may not always be tidy. Yes, parking is a hassle. But the President has character. It has history. It has the Mississippi River beneath its gunwales, not a moat that makes it a riverboat in name only. This is the real thing. The odds in any given casino game are essentially the same, no matter where you go. And so preferences are largely based on aesthetics. We like the chandeliers, polished-metal ceiling and view of the river from the President. The President is ideal for the low roller. If blackjack is your game, you're more likely to find a $5 minimum here than at other area casinos, which all too often refuse to set up a new game while lines of cheapskates grow ever larger at the few affordable tables. Plus, the President is just darn lucky. In four visits, we've never lost. The place is one gigantic ATM, just a few blocks away from the Laclede's Landing nightclub district. No wonder they're going broke.
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