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General Grant Car Wash & Detail Center

Most car washes, even the automatic ones, will do an adequate job of cleaning automobile exteriors. But only truly topnotch human professionals, like those who staff General Grant Car Wash, will rise gracefully to the challenge of removing vomit from a vehicle's interior. Says one Google review about an expert detailer there named Chad: "In addition he was also kind and did not have an attitude about cleaning up puke." Customers navigating similarly messy lives can enlist in a loyalty-points program. As the brochure exhorts: "March Right Up and Join The General's Club, Where Rank Has Its Privileges." The gift shop stocks a full line of Little Trees air fresheners, from black ice to watermelon, to mask any unpleasant lingering smells after detailing. This business has plenty of experience making cars look, feel and smell better; it's been around since 1970, the height of the Nixon Era — which may explain why the logo's caricature of U.S. Grant behind the wheel of a jalopy looks more like Tricky Dick than our nation's eighteenth president.

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