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Crystal Clear Wash

You had a clunker; you got some cash. Good for you. Only problem is you didn't really get enough cash. Now, you have this great new car — and a big ol' car payment. You want to keep the new ride looking nice and squeaky clean, but you can't drop $25 every week on a wash. Seeing as how there probably won't be a Cash for Car Washes program, you need to head to Crystal Clear Wash. This see-through (the sides are clear), drive-through car wash is conveniently open seven days a week, and it gets your vehicle shining in a hurry — for just $6. (You can, of course, bump up the cleaning power to the $9 or $12 level.) Those prices are certainly right, and if you keep up with your punch card, your tenth wash is free. Plus, at Crystal Clear you get to stay in your car, like you used to do years ago, and watch it get swallowed up by high-power spray and the various sponge-like things — you know, the horizontal roller brush, the vertical shaking thingies, all of your favorite tools to wash away the week's grime. It's just too bad you can't scrub down the ol' car payment here.

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