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Gas House Car Wash

Some of us remember Saturday-morning car washing as a chore to be feared alongside lawn mowing, weed whacking and gutter de-funking. So it comes as a shock that getting one's car cleaned can be a pleasurable, satisfying, and — dare we say? — psychedelic experience. The Gas House on Forest Park Avenue is a combination filling station/car wash equipped with an automated washing device: just pay for your wash at the inside counter or at the pump, pull around back to the automated belt, and let the magic take effect. Something about having your car be in motion while your foot is off the gas pedal is inherently trippy, and the jets of water and squiggles of soap that cascade down your windows give the impression of an underwater wonderland. You'll emerge from the rain-tunnel with a clean car, a happy heart and a restored faith in the small wonders of life. Price ranges from $7 to $14, with discounts offered for early birds (and all day Tuesday). If you want the no-holds-barred treatment, visit the Gas House's Rock Hill location (9849 Manchester Rd., Rock Hill; 314-961-8362), which offers full-service cleaning, inside and out, priced at $10 and up.

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