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Saint Louis Auto

The car has just unloaded a bag of dirty laundry, which baked under the hatch for several days. After a short road trip, bug guts are covering its body, and another layer of crumbs and gravel covers the carpet. Something like wet oatmeal coats the bottom of a small console compartment. The odor of onion lingers, though the to-go sack has been discarded. The car wants a professional cleaning. The car wants to drive toward the bright yellow sign advertising hand washes at Saint Louis Auto. That's where Rebo, who smiles from within the shade of a small bay, is waiting to work his magic. While you sit inside with the owners' cats, Rebo removes every last dried bug, cleans the wheels as if they were the family silver and vacuums and wipes away the detritus of your life that has taken root inside the car. The full-service repair shop's owners, Lisa Robinson and Patrick (P.J.) Hamill IV, sister and brother, don't cut corners. Likewise, you won't find any cut rates on Rebo's car detailing. The basic hand wash is $15. Prices including interior work and waxing range from $30 to $165. You get what you pay for.
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