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Waterway Gas & Wash

Next time you want to wash off the city grime and give your car a shiny suburban sheen, at least for a few days, drive out to Creve Coeur. Washing a car isn't rocket science. But since the first Waterway Gas and Wash opened in 1970, the folks there have streamlined it into a seamless and efficient process, a combination of automated precision and hands-on detail. It's quick and easy, but it's thorough, too -- and pretty cheap, starting at $8.99 for a basic wash and vacuum. (The top-of-the-line wash is $23.99.) Of the local chain's seven St. Louis outposts (there are more in Kansas City and Denver), the Creve Coeur location is the toniest. After all, what's more well-scrubbed than Creve Coeur?
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