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Gas House Express Car Wash

Been parking under trees? Revitalize your ride for cheap at the Gas House Express Car Wash at Vandeventer and Forest Park. It's as fun as anything at Six Flags and doubles as rebirthing therapy (the amusing Freudian allusions alone -- and you will make them -- are worth the ride). You and your car pass through a tunnel while being aggressively assaulted with a chaos of spurting liquids, giant robotic handy wipes and huge throbbing dryers, and there's even a light show with dancing penguins. When you emerge at the other end, blinking in the sunlight, you're feeling like quite the tabula rasa. You can pay at the pump, but if you go inside the quik-shop you'll get a free dashboard trash bag, a shop towel and an exhortation to "enjoy your wash." Painted a truly funny shade of turquoise, the Gas House has not one but two picturesque fountains -- an amenity that is all too rare in car washes these days.
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