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One time, when a certain reporter brought his 1996 Toyota Camry into Everything Automotive for some repairs after an accident, said reporter was surprised a week later to find that the good people at the shop had spray-painted a wizard onto the hood of the vehicle — for free! Truly, in an age of lackluster service and shoddy workmanship, Everything Automotive stands head and shoulders above its competition, willing to go that extra mile to make sure its customers leave happy. And for those of you who, for some odd reason, would rather not have the image of a mystical being emblazoned on your vehicle (you prudes) there’s good news: They will also leave that service off, without you even asking — also for free! Aside from all of that, the shop’s small staff offers that rarest, most valuable thing in a car repair shop: honesty. You can bet that if you bring your vehicle to them you won’t get some bullshit upsell or unneeded repair tacked onto your bill. No nonsense, no refills on “blinker fluid,” no hassle — just outstanding work at a fair price in a timely fashion. These days, that’s even more magical than the mighty Zanzabar the Great himself (yes, the wizard has a name). — Daniel Hill

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