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JAMCO (Japanese Auto Maintenance Co.)

Staff Pick

If you rate getting your car repaired right up there with seeing the dentist, you haven't yet been to this old-school garage on the Hill. A visit to Japanese Auto Maintenance Co., or JAMCO, is actually fun. Situated at this spot since 1980 (the company originated in a south-side, back-alley garage in 1975), JAMCO exclusively services Toyotas and Hondas. The three mechanics (Don Mascare, Sau Tran and Kent Thai) use only original factory parts, really know their vehicles and are scrupulously honest. They'll actually send you home with zero due on your bill if the part you thought was faulty turns out to be driveable for a while. How great is that? How rare is that? But the fun quotient kicks in via co-owner Micki Monig, who works the service desk in this tiny shop. Monig's a marvel of deep automotive knowledge and direct, wisecracking likeability. The lady is a mensch; talk to her five minutes and you'll fall in love with her, just like thousands of loyal customers before you. You and your car will be back to this character-rich grease boutique, promise. 5601 Southwest Avenue, St. Louis, 63139. 314-781-1781.
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