Best Camera Store

O.J. Photo Supply Inc.

It's certainly not the biggest, and, judging from a few visits, it's certainly not the busiest. Local photo professionals tend to gravitate to Schiller's and City Photo, and camera-store chains, discount and big-box stores suck in the rest of the picture-taking crowd. If you do more than point and click but you're not necessarily a pro, go where employees won't make you feel like a boob. That's why we like O.J. Photo Supply Inc., located in a small storefront on Olive Boulevard in University City. The business, founded in 1970 by Oscar Johnson, has that cluttered, homey feel of a neighborhood hardware store. The shelves are packed with lots of used working equipment (need an 8mm film projector to play Dad's old vacation flicks?). Of course, they stock a full range of new cameras and supplies. They also do testing and repairs. Love your old piece-of-crap camera, but it's just not working right? The folks at O.J. will diagnose the problem, quote a repair price (and stick to it) and, best of all, won't try to talk you into buying something new. These guys really love cameras.
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