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Forest Park Trolley

Someone told me/It's all happening at the zoo. And you can even take a cross-town bus to get there! All right, so the Forest Park Trolley — not to be confused with the actual (as in authentic, vintage) but nonexistent (as in you can't ride it because it's not yet a reality, except inside Joe Edwards' visionary noggin) Loop Trolley — isn't exactly a cross-town bus, but it does connect directly to the No. 90 and No. 01 bus lines and the Forest Park–DeBaliviere MetroLink station. The trolley, which is actually a lime-green bus with goofy cartoon characters adhered to its windows, makes its way through the park every twenty minutes, stopping at all the sights (the Boathouse, science center, art museum) along the way. And don't let the trolley's $2 all-day pass fool you. You're traveling in air-conditioned splendor on this rig. Yep, it really is just a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo.

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