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O'Connell's Pub

Lots of places brag about their burgers. O'Connell's doesn't have to. It's got the reputation and backs it up with every medium-rare it produces. Hamburgers here are moist, seasoned just right and bursting with that heavenly cooked-ground-beef flavor. They're served on the requisite toasted sesame-seed bun, along with the obligatory onion slice and pickle wedge. Ask to have the onions grilled, if you like. Order cheese, or don't. Rare, medium-rare, medium-well, well, whatever. It will come exactly as ordered and surpass even the fondest memory of your previous O'Connell's encounter. O'Connell's interior is dimly lit, perfect for exposing the dark mystery of the turn-of-last-century memorabilia hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. O'Connell's has been a St. Louis institution since the heyday of Gaslight Square, and it survives with gusto, probably because all of the meat it consumes. This place is a carnivore's delight.
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