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The crazy thing at Mac’s is you’ve got multiple contenders for St. Louis’ best burger. Do you go for the dry-aged beef or fresh-ground pork? One of each? Do you order your burger classically adorned with ketchup, mustard, pickles and American cheese or loaded up with made-from-scratch aioli, Pimento cheese or even a fried green tomato? All the burger options come smashed pleasingly thin, the crinkly edges grill charred and perfect. And that hasn’t changed even as Mac’s has moved across town to a spot inside Bluewood Brewing Company from its Dogtown origins, continuing on even in the curbside-delivery era. Proprietor Chris “Mac” McKenzie’s not-so-secret advantage has always been his connection to the best-available meats, established while operating his CSA Mac’s Local Buys. But he also knows what to do with those prized ingredients, making the argument for local sourcing through the example of delicious burgers, not table-side soliloquies. Pile those patties up to four high (maybe a little much, but do it your way) and wash them down with a beer. Any of the burgers you choose will be amazing, but we’re picking favorites, so here’s the order: the Dirty Sancho — two pork patties, pepper jack cheese, Bourbon molasses, pickled jalapeños and Mac’s negra aioli. It’s just irreverent enough to disarm you, while delivering an unforgettable combination of flavors — sort of like Mac’s itself. — Doyle Murphy

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