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The "Diner Burger" at the Libertine

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This year, the Libertine has experienced about as many changes as a restaurant can without becoming an entirely new place. There's a new chef, a completely new menu and a revamped concept. In the midst of all these culinary changes, one thing has remained constant: the "Diner Burger." Perhaps this is because the burger is emblematic of how the restaurant hopes to redefine itself: as a low-key, accessible neighborhood joint. Or maybe it's because owners Nick and Audra Luedde know they'd have a revolt on their hands if they took it off the menu. The patty of local grass-fed beef is topped with thick slices of molasses-glazed bacon and served on a bun griddled with bacon fat. As if that weren't enough, the masterminds at the Libertine have figured out a way to make homemade Cheez Whiz. Yes, really. They slather this rich, gooey concoction over the burger — straight from a nitrous-charged whipped-cream dispenser. No wonder this item has withstood the test of time. 7927 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton, 63105. 314-862-2999,
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