Best Burger

Iowa Buffet

Iowa Buffet cooks up the best little affordable burger between buns that you've probably never heard of — until now. Sorry, regulars, but this old-fashioned hideaway is just too good not to share. Think of it this way: Sweet owner Carolyn McKinney has kept the cozy hole in the wall open for 26 years, and we're hoping to help her keep on truckin' by spreading the good word. Bring cash, and don't expect formalities or a menu. Instead, saddle up on a barstool and place an order for the "Hank Burger" with the friendly barkeep, who will likely prepare your meal himself. Named in honor of the bar's original owner, Henry Koziacki, the ground chuck Kern Meat Company patty gets cooked to order right in front of your eyes, and it's done on an old-fashioned grill that's been around for decades. Served with your choice of toppings (they'll even grill some onions for you if you ask) and with sides like onion rings and hand-cut potato fries, simplicity never tasted so good.

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