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Home Wine Kitchen

Cassy Vires offers only one burger at Home Wine Kitchen. It's available only at lunch. You can't choose a different-size patty or one made from a different kind of meat. There is only the one, a globe of grass-fed beef enriched with a little pork belly, because everything should be enriched with a little pork belly. It should go without saying that this burger is served medium-rare or not at all. You don't "build" your burger from a list of a dozen cheeses and a dozen condiments and two dozen specialty toppings. (We don't know that Vires will kick you out of her restaurant if you ask for guacamole on your burger, but we like to envision the scene.) Your burger is topped with a garlic aioli, cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg because that's all the extra flavor — and, come on now, it's a ton of extra flavor, not to mention the texture of the thick yolk, the molten cheese, the crisp bacon — anyone could need. You want the best burger in St. Louis circa 2012? You don't have a choice.

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