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The Royale

The Royale's signature burger is called, fittingly enough, "the Royale." You know what they call "the Royale" in France? No, really — what do they call it? (We dropped French after one semester.) According to Yahoo!'s Babel Fish app, you'd ask for huit ounces de boeuf de Wagyu d'Australie. That's half a pound of beef from the revered Wagyu cattle – the breed so esteemed in Japan that farmers treat the cows like, well, royalty. Important: Order "the Royale" rare (or, at most, medium-rare) to enjoy the full flavor of this beef. The taste is so pure — beefy, yes, with mineral and grass notes — that it doesn't need anything else, though cheese and bacon won't hurt. No matter what language you speak, "the Royale" translates as scrumptious.

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